Information concerning emigrants from Ål

The Bygdebok Committee of Ål intend to follow the emigrants from Ål to their new home and bring such information in the next edition of Ål Bygdebok:
-the emigrant's occupation / place of living - year of death.
-the emigrant's spouse - year of birth/marriage/death and occupation,
-the emigrant's children - year of birth/marriage/death - their spouses.
If you have more info, then I will gladly store it in my archive.

If you find your people here with wrong or missing information, I would be very glad to be corrected. Many emigrants lost contact with the family members in Norway. (Or opposite.) It is hard for me to find information concerning your grandparents in the US, and it may not be printed because of that.
Please take a look to check your family, and kindly encourage friends to do the same. My email-adress is found elsewhere on these pages.
Thanks a lot.
My postal adress is: Thor Warberg, N 3570 Ål, Norway.

How to read a bit Norwegian ...

Example: G 1860 m Guri Knutsdtr Berg. Barn: Ola 1861- ; Nils 1862-

Translation: Married 1860 to Guri Knutsdtr Berg. (= The Daughter of Knut Berg) Children: Barn: Ola 1861- ; Nils 1862-
- NB.If you find it hard to find your people, - take a look at the link "Namnebruk" .


... = missing info - Please let me know !
; = divider, f.i. between brothers and sisters.
1860c = 1860 ca
1860.= 1860 pretty close match
1860 = 1860